Fri. May 20th, 2022

Who we are

About Us

Jacobs Media Network was incorporated in Nigeria in 2005 as an organization to carry on the business of Television, Radio and internet broadcasting in its entire ramification. The company was registered under the companies and Allied Matters Act 1990 with registration number RC 630714.

JACOBS MEDIA NETWORK INC: This shall be the holding company. It shall hold the intellectual property and other related designs and branding trademarks as appropriate on behalf of all the components entities.

JACOBS MEDIA NETWORK FOUNDATION: The foundation shall be the platform to execute all social responsibility initiatives.

JACOBS MEDIA NETWORK TELEVISION: This is the first of the three arm broadcasting divisions. The TV shall provide all forms of education, entertainment and informative contents within the basic ambit of promoting old family values, high standards of morals and ethics for a peaceable and progressive nation.

JACOBS MEDIA NETWORK FM RADIO: The Radio division shall be an amplification of the offerings of the television and vice-versa as the case may be. It shall operate independent of the TV but guided by the same focus.

JACOBS MEDIA NETWORK INTERACTIVE; Considering that the core audiences of JMN in general are children and young adults of age 8 – 30 years, special attention would be focused on the design and contents of programmes that
would directly connect to this group on our interactive platform. The goal is that every 7 out of 10 youths that log on to any network on any given day will stop-by at JMN interactive! This would be driven by our contents.

JACOBS MEDIA NETWORK CINEMAS: A distinct division for entertainment particularly for children and young adults.


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