Fri. May 20th, 2022

Psalms 81:6 NKJV
Calvary greetings to you and members of your household. I believe you’re fine. God Himself will preserve you till the end.
Some Notes on Psalm 81.

  1. Commands to Praise God 1-3.
    “Sing aloud to God our strength; Make a joyful shout to the God of Jacob. Raise a song and strike the timbrel, The pleasant harp with the lute”. Psalms 81:1‭-‬2 NKJV.
    By now you and I know that we can never praise God enough. So ,we must always praise God for every opportunity to praise. HIM. Please let’s take a listen at some of the commands:
  • Sing aloud to God our strength ” . Note the sing isn’t to a man, but unto God . Recall this study please:
    “Praise is awaiting You, O God, in Zion; And to You the vow shall be performed.
    Psalms 65:1 NKJV.
    Second is that God is the strength of every true believer; not a politician or one big man. Make joyful shout to God of Jacob . When you make a joyful shout and not murmuring shout, the source of joy will refill you with greater joy..
  • Use all manners of instruments to praise God viz timbrel, mascara, bata , flute and many more.
  • Some Reasons to Praise God 4, -7.
    For this is a statute for Israel, A law of the God of Jacob. This He established in Joseph as a testimony, When He went throughout the land of Egypt, Where I heard a language I did not understand. “I removed his shoulder from the burden; His hands were freed from the baskets. You called in trouble, and I delivered you; I answered you in the secret place of thunder; I tested you at the waters of Meribah. Selah
    Psalms 81:4‭-‬7 NKJV
    It is important we reflect regularly on God’s goodness in our lives so that we would realize the quantum of mercies we have received. Some reasons given above are:
  • Praising God is a command that every child of God should gladly obey : a statute for Israel. So, when I go into murmuring mode and refuse to praise God, I am already walking in rebellion. Could you see how it is so easy to cross the border? God will have mercy.
  • God established Joseph. I should praise God because He has established me and the counsel of the wicked hasn’t, and cannot stand in my life. It is because He has established you, that is why the vicissitudes of life cannot sink you. Thank You Jesus.
  • ” I removed his shoulder from the burden, and his hands were free from the baskets” . Thank You Jesus. This was a reference to how Joseph as an individual was saved from Pharaoh’s prison and at a deeper level how Israel was delivered from the servitude of Egypt. Today some individuals, some families and some nationalities within some geography are being treated as second and third class citizens in their nations. To make the matters worse their oppressors do not have any apologise, if anything, they plan more terrors and deprivation. However, if such individuals, families of ethnic nationalities would repent and

call on God genuinely the miracles of Zoan and the manifestations of the “night before the departure” can still happen, even in greater dimensions. It is NOT God’s design for His children to be in servitude. Any such teaching is doctrine of demons. This is categorical.

  • ” You called in trouble and I delivered you. ” You should praise God for deliverances and answered prayers.
  • The miracles of the water of Meribah (Ex.17:1-7). Today, if we reflect pr6 there have been numerous situations that God delivered us from that could have meant our end. But God came through for us.
    Praising God should be a part of me as long as I have breathe. Amen.
  1. Israel Called to See Reasons 8-10.
    “Hear, O My people, and I will admonish you! O Israel, if you will listen to Me! There shall be no foreign god among you; Nor shall you worship any foreign god. I am the Lord your God, Who brought you out of the land of Egypt; Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it.
    Psalms 81:8‭-‬10 NKJV

A.No foreign gods allowed among the children of Israel. Listen to this opening: Hear O My people..” . Anyone that is born again is God’s people. So you are not permitted to be involved in darkness in any form.
B. “Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it.” This is God’s promise to His people that obey His command.

  1. Israel’s Refusal and Consequences 11 -12.
    “But My people would not heed My voice, And Israel would have none of Me. So I gave them over to their own stubborn heart, To walk in their own counsels.” Psalms 81:11‭-‬12 NKJV.
    A. “But My people would not heed My voice..”. This is a choice. For every choice we make there would be consequence later. Please pray. Father Lord from this day, help all my decisions . Holy Spirit help my thinking process in Jesus name.
    B. God’s Response. “I leave them to walk in their own counsel” . This is disaster in the making. Can the counsel of man match the counsel of God? Today, am I allowing the written word of God to take counsel for me or what is trending

on the social media or even one strange pastor somewhere? Please pray. Father Lord, please help me never to reject Your counsel.
Each time a man rejects the word of God, he has rejected God. When you reject God through rejection of His word, He rejects you in return. Whenever God rejects a man, the hedge is removed and such an individual becomes exposed. Never forget this sequence. You would not reject the counsel of the good Shepherd , consciously or unconsciously in Jesus name.

  1. The Things Israel Lost By Rejecting God’s Counsel 13-16.
    “Oh, that My people would listen to Me, That Israel would walk in My ways! I would soon subdue their enemies, And turn My hand against their adversaries. The haters of the Lord would pretend submission to Him, But their fate would endure forever. He would have fed them also with the finest of wheat; And with honey from the rock I would have satisfied you.”
    Psalms 81:13‭-‬16 NKJV
    A. Verse 13. The cry of a Loving Father. “Oh that My people would listen to me..” . God’s desire is

for you and I to listen to Him By obeying His commands. Please don’t listen to teachers and teachings that postulate that because we are in the era of grace there are no more commandments to be kept. That’s not what the Bible teaches. Please take a listen to this passage. It is in the new testament.
“True love for God means obeying his commands, and his commands don’t weigh us down as heavy burdens.” 1 John 5:3 TPT.
B. “I would soon subdue their enemies .
C. “Turn My hand against their adversaries
D. The haters of the Lord would pretend, yet God would have dealt with them
E. God would have fed Israel with abundance of wheat…That is His people would dwell in great abundance..
F. “I would have satisfied you.”
These are just a snipet of what Israel lost due to rebellion. God’s principles do not change. Disobedience and ungodly living still attract consequences. But we bless God that genuine repentance opens the door unto RESTORATION. Praise God.

Father I bless Your name for giving me salvation.
Father Lord please forgive me for every wrong choice that I have made up to this time.
Father, please baptize me with the spirit of obedience, help me to always do Your will.
I receive and live in the spirit of the fear of the Lord for the rest of my days in Jesus name.
Father please by your mercy, let the blood of Jesus deliver me from all the consequences of my wrong decisions of the past.
Father please help me to finish well in Jesus name.

See you tomorrow, Saturday by God’s grace.

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